Bridal Hair Trends for 2022

Bridal Hair Trends for 2022

After you’ve found the perfect dress, you have to style it to make it your own. Finding the right hairstyle to go with your dress is key, as your hair frames your face and often dictates how (or if) you wear a veil. For the bride who’s searching for the perfect hairstyle, you might get inspiration from some of our favorite bridal hair trends for 2022:

Voluminous Waves

If you love the idea of vintage-inspired glamour, then this style may be perfect for you. Wearing you hair down in voluminous, full waves gives you that timeless Old Hollywood elegance, and pairs well with any aesthetic—so whether you’re a glitzy bride or tend to like more boho styles, this will look amazing with your dress. 

Sleek Updos

For years, the loose, curly updo has reigned supreme, but lately we’re loving sleek, high updos. Perfect for the modern bride, this minimalist style instantly gives you a trendy, more model-like look, elevating your wedding dress to the fashion-forward style you’re dreaming of. You can opt for a bun, like this bride did, or you can even go for a formal ponytail—it’s up to you!

Half-Up, Half Down

If you’re torn between an updo and wearing all of your hair down, half-up, half-down is the perfect compromise. This bride chose to wear loose, simple curls, giving the style a classic look that’s perfect for any season. The half-up style also creates the perfect spot for you to place your veil or other hair accessories, letting you make the look completely yours.