DIY Wedding Projects

DIY Wedding Projects

The DIY wedding decoration route can be enjoyable and satisfying regardless of whether you're an expert at crafts, a beginner, or trying to be budget-friendly. When you do your decorations yourself, you can keep a closer eye on them, spend more time with family and friends, and learn new skills. You can also cherish all the personal touches you added to make your wedding extra special when you walk around your wedding. If you don't know what to do with your wedding decor or have no ideas, we have some helpful DIY wedding decor ideas for you! Here are some of our favorites:

Ceremony Sign Made of Driftwood


Want to decorate your oceanfront wedding with DIY beach decor? Making a driftwood ceremony sign is a charming way to commemorate your wedding. It's best to use this idea if it won't be too windy. You don't want your sign to topple over!


Schedule for the Wedding Day


Using a wooden pallet can be done in a number of ways. The wedding day schedule can be held upright by standing upright. This fantastic idea will keep your guests informed without using paper! 


Flower Girl's Basket


Decorate a basket with silk or paper petals as a last-minute decoration. If you wish, your florist can add fresh petals to your flower girl's basket before the ceremony.


Guest Book Alternative: Postcards


For a cute, travel-inspired wedding decor project, get some fun postcards of all the places you’ve visited together as a couple and ask your wedding guests to write little notes on the back of them. 


Arrangements for Your Bouquets


As long as they reflect your own personal style, you should have no trouble creating bouquet arrangements on your own. Use loose stems from a local florist or market, foraged flowers, local greenery, or picks straight from your garden to complete your mix. Use ribbons or long trailing fabrics to give the base some flow! 


Aisle Runners With Bohemian Rugs


There is no need to stick with the traditional white aisle runners you've seen at other weddings. Bohemian rug aisle runners are a great way to think outside the box. An outdoor wedding can be made intimate and homey with rugs and wooden frames in the back.


DIY Exit Toss


A fun craft project can also replace exit tossing and sparkler send-offs. Fill paper cones, linen sachets, or any other creative vessel with fresh petals, olive or eucalyptus leaves, lavender buds, or aromatic herbs.